June 13, 2008

Fuel running out at UK petrol stations - a message from the future

There is panic buying of fuel in the UK at the moment as tanker drivers for Shell go on strike. See:

The strike is over pay, but the panic buying is a sign of things to come according to analysts who suggest that we are at Peak Oil - the point where all conceivable reserves are remaining oil are less than that already used.

Here is a graphic example of the situation with North Sea Oil, taken from the site The Oil Drum: (thanks to Chris for including this in a comment on the article I posted on Indymedia).

As I wrote recently, the price increases in oil, which have also caused panic, is explained by some by this reality (some say it is down to speculators playing the market). See:

The suggestion from the British Prime Minister that prices should be reduced by increasing pumping from the North Sea shows how blinkered politicians are over this problem. We have a finite resource, past its peak and demand is rising. How is increasing supply to reduce prices a sensible management strategy?

Take a look at the queues of motorists at petrol stations in the UK, stations running dry and the knock on effects, which could tip the UK economy into recession. You are looking at the future under the leadership offered by both the current government and the opposition.

There needs to be a better thought through strategy. One proposal put forward by a Simultaneous Policy Adopter is the Oil Depletion Protocol. You can find out more about that on the talkboard for the policy suggestion at:

Also see the website of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre.

I'll write more on this and alternative policy suggestions in future blogs. Please do sign up as an SP Adopter and join in the discussion on the talkboards.

Call on your elected representatives to sign the pledge to implement the Simultaneous Policy alongside other governments as a parallel strategy to any other action you may take.

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