May 6, 2010

UK Election 2010 - who's signed the Simultaneous Policy pledge?

The Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign is on track to have a greater influence in the next Parliament.

Simpol Adopters around the country have been asking candidates to sign the pledge to implement the Simultaneous Policy alongside other governments. The policies are to address global problems where competition between nations makes progress difficult through conventional politics. Adopters are invited to propose, develop and approve the policies to be implemented. In the last annual vote, climate change was once again the top issue.

You can find a list of candidates who have signed the Simpol pledge at:

Candidates from all main parties have signed up.

In Cambridge Daniel Zeichner, the Labour candidate, has given his support and said:

“The world is changing rapidly and progressive politics must not be limited by out-dated national boundaries. With new ways to communicate easily, ideas rather than geography will be the key. I want to work with like-minded people to challenge inequality, prejudice and ignorance, wherever it occurs. We are all in this together and must work together to meet the challenges ahead.”

In Cambridgeshire South constituency, Tariq Sadiq, the Labour candidate, has given his support.

You may wish to consider this when voting today. If you are not in these constituencies, see the site, which will also have an update after the results are in to show how much closer we are to having the UK Parliament and Government back the Simultaneous Policy.