July 3, 2008

It's Simpol ! Spring 2008 and People-Centred Global Governance

Here's an alert I've just received from Simpol about the latest newsletter:

Dear Adopter of the Simultaneous Policy (SP),

It's Simpol! - Spring 2008 issue now out!

The latest issue of It's Simpol! has been published and can be freely downloaded now from http://www.simpol.org.uk/Pages/Newsletters.htm

Apart from topical news items, this and all future issues is accompanied by a Policy Bulletin covering the policies you've put forward for inclusion in SP and how everyone can get involved. This has the theme of ‘Turning weapons into windmills’ and includes guest articles on disarmament and peace proposals put forward by Adopters and how these can link to the issue of climate change.

While writing, the Editor of It's Simpol!, Diana Trimble, makes the following appeal:

Calling all writers and cartoonists!

We're actively seeking contributions from Adopters for the next Newsletter, so if you have an idea for something you want to share, please get in touch with the editor by writing to dtrimble@simpol.org

Got something you'd love to get off your chest? Perhaps your letter could be the next Rant of the Month!

International and bilingual contributions especially desired!

U.S. Presidential Election - Special campaign action!

All Adopters, not just U.S. ones, should check out Simpol's U.S. Presidential "Vote USA" site at http://www.simpol.org/voteusa.html which is designed for everyone to get the Simpol message across to Obama, McCain and other candidates. With the election finely balanced, supporting SP could make all the difference. This is a real opportunity to make a globally important impact, so get your friends - especially American ones - to sign up!

People-Centred Global Governance - Newly updated version now online

A newly updated version of the book, People-Centred Global Governance - Making it Happen!, is now available for free download from Simpol's global website.


"A systemic and ingenious strategy for applying people power in all countries to encourage their politicians toward ‘win-win global solutions’.”
Hazel Henderson
Author, Building a Win-Win World and Planetary Citizenship

“Simultaneous Policy (SP) is an evolutionary imperative in a competitive world that now demands new forms of co-operation in order to address global issues that cannot be resolved by one nation alone. In this new book John Bunzl analyses some key aspects of governance and sets SP in the context of transformative evolutionary change in our economic and political systems. The book is a timely contribution to continuing debates about structures and processes of global governance, showing exactly why our current international institutions are not fit for purpose.”
David Lorimer
Editor, Network, the magazine of the Scientific & Medical Network

“In an age when our problems are global and national governance structures are weakened and inadequate, it is absolutely necessary to think about the shape of effective global governance. This cannot be simply national government "writ large" for that would also enlarge the problems and inefficiencies of national governance. It must be a holistic and evolutionary governance system, and to the articulation of the essential features of such a system John Bunzl's book makes a major contribution. Highly recommended reading for everyone concerned with our collective future on this small and largely mismanaged planet.”
Dr. Ervin Laszlo
Futurist, author and systems theorist. President of Club of Budapest

"John Bunzl convincingly demonstrates that if you want to contribute consciously to the successful advancement of the evolutionary process on this planet, you should support the Simultaneous Policy. The SP is a powerful and practical means of actualizing the next great step in evolution on earth - the formation of a cooperative and sustainable planetary civilization."
John Stewart
Author, Evolution’s Arrow – the direction of evolution and the future of humanity

"This publication presents a unique long term approach to governance and environmental issues. It offers solutions based on the concept of unity in diversity. As such it is bound to produce controversy and debate!"
Diana Schumacher
Former President, The Schumacher Society

Download for free from:

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